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Работа для Java программистов

Автор: Nadia-IT-recruter@yandex.ru
E-mail: Nadia-IT-recruter@yandex.ru
Категории: Веб-Программирование
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Hi, guys!:) We are searching for Java Software Developer Senior/Middle for our client, a FinTech company focused on supply chain and receivables finance. Large corporate buyers can strengthen their supply chain while benefitting from reduced working capital Location: Munich, Germany What you have to do: Full software development stack Plus: requirements management Plus: working with Java Application Servers in production Requirements: -Be passionate about developing complex, high-quality software -Open for new interesting projects -Ready for challenges and responsibilities -Adhere to systematic approaches of software development -Completed studies with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in informatics or related field -Experience with several of the following technologies: Java EE6, EJB, JPA (Hibernate or EclipseLink), JAXB, JAX-WS, JSF, JUnit or TestNG, ESB/Fuse, SVN or GIT, Maven,JCA and JEE 6 CDI Conditions of work: - Yearly 25 working days’ vacation. Insurance regulations according to German Law (company partially pays for health and social insurances) - Salary 3100 - 3600$ net. - Office in Munich, 40 working hours a week - Compensation of relocation costs and first month of flat rent, up to a pre-agreed amount. With great pleasure ready to answer on your questions:)) My email: Nadia-IT-recruter@yandex.ru Have a nice day.

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