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                                  General Information.


                                  Services, brief description.

                                  Limited Liability of Freelancerbay.

                                  Freelancerbay Operating Rules.

                                  Freelancerbay Policy.

General Information.
Welcome! We are glad to see you at Freelancerbay!
We suggest that you consult the Terms and Condition and website rules regularly for updates. We reserve the right to revise the Terms and Conditions in our sole discretion by updating this posting.

As used in the Terms of Service:
“User” means a person or legal entity that registers for an Account with Freelancerbay for use of the Freelancerbay Services available from the Site.
“Freelancer” means a person who is using the Site for advertising his own professional activity, with purpose to get freelance work, which is available on Site in the form of Projects and Vacancies.
“Customer” means a person who is using the Site to find professionals which are capable to carry out freelance work which he provides in the form of Projects and Vacancies.
“Visitor” means a person accessing the Site or using the on line services on the Site.

Services, brief description
Freelancerbay Site serves for people and/or companies, which are looking for pro to perform their freelance work and for persons who wish to perform such kind of work. Our Site is kind of connection link between Freelancers and Customers.  This is a working environment, which allows negotiate contract and carry out different categories of freelance job.
Any User after registration becomes owner of “Private Office”, where he has a various benefits, depend on his account. There are three kinds of accounts on the site: Account-Standard; Account-Customer and Account-Advanced.
Each “Private Office” allows users exchange messaging, including option for storing and sending files and data bases within the FreelancerbaySite.
Every account has own rating calculator, rating scales and corresponding scale of bonuses.
Please visit the Freelancerbay Services and FAQ to have more detailed information about accounts and benefits.
Registration, advertising and other benefits of the Site, using Account-Standard and Customer-Account are absolutely free of charge.
Users have possibility to buy additional advanced services on-line using the most reliable online payment systems like E-Gold, Web Money and others.


Limited Liability of Freelancerbay
Frellancerbay Company is not responsible for:
  1. Truth of registration information which will be provided by User. User will provide true, accurate and complete information as prompted by the registration form.
  2. Quality of freelancers jobs, performing by freelancers, and does not take participation in disputes between Freelancers and Customers, except cases when Site provides Trust Service
  3. Supervision for publication of materials with plagiarism or materials which are violating the author rights, plagiarism check . Each User is solely responsible for publication of such kinds of materials.
  4. Claims regarding to unstable site work or quality of services provided. The services provided hereunder are provided “as is”, as available, and without warranties or conditions.
  5. Claims and warranties regarding selling or purchasing throw the site goods and/or services, their service ability for specific targets or absent of the third parties rights violation.
  6. Claims regarding other Users and any kinds of their actions.
 Some materials/goods are prohibited for publication, developing and selling through the Freelancerbay Site. The following materials which: 
●  violate the Local Laws and/or the Standards of International Law;
●  contain any kinds of hackers software, such like trojans, viruses, means or facilities of spam;  
    commercial software serial numbers and soft for their generation and also links to such products; 
●  contain pornography, and intimate service advertising;
●  use abusive language regarding somebody or something and promote sparking any kind of
● develope nazism, hatred, discrimination towards national, religion and other social groups; 
● regard private property concern such like covered by patent, copyrights, trading marks, author

    rights etc.

violate normal work of Freelancerbay Site.


Freelancerbay Operating Rules
Freelancerbay User can create one account only. If User choose once login name, later you can’t change it. Registration of one User under few login names is prohibited. In the case of User engages in actions or activities which is prohibited by Freelancerbay under the Terms and Condition, that User or Member will be subject to sanctions including, but not limited to, suspension or termination of Freelancerbay membership. Freelancerbay reserves the right to terminate any User or project for any reason, at its sole discretion and to refuse to provide registration and membership to you in the future.
User will provide true, accurate and complete information as prompted by the registration form and he is solely responsible for providing true registration information. User should to keep his Freelancerbay login and password in secret and he is responsible for any consequences of using his Freelancerbay account by other persons to whom he believed login information. User must inform Freelancerbay Site if he observed unauthorized access to Site under his account, or other breaches of Site security.
User is solely responsible for publication, developing and selling through the Site any above-mentioned materials/goods which are prohibited by present Terms and Conditions.  

Freelancerbay Policy corresponds with prime goals of Site, provide users with quality service and confidence. Freelancerbay will terminate any actions which may hamper the normal Site work.  
Freelancerbay reserves the right to undertake precautionary measures to any Users violating of “Site Operational Rules”, such sanctions like deleting of user’s publications or project writing, user’s account login/IP temporary ban up to permanent ban and to refuse to provide registration and membership to him in the future.
By making a registry at Freelancerbay, you are contractually agreeing to the following “Terms and Conditions,” or above-mentioned agreement.
If you wish to report a violation of website policy, have any questions or need assistance, please contact with Freelancerbay by email:

Freelancerbay Admin.

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