Publication Rules project propose, diy materials, plagiarism, plagiarism check, copyright rights, quality of services, violation rights, prohibited, hack software, commercial software,intimate women, conflict theory, nazism, discrimination, private property, trademark patent, registered trade mark, violate You can find here description common regulations for project propose and publication.

Publication Rules:

You can find here description common regulations for project propose and publication.

Frellancerbay Company is not responsible for: 
1. Supervision for publication of materials with plagiarism, plagiarism check or materials which are violating the author rights and copyright rights. Each User is solely responsible for publication of such kinds of materials.
2. Claims regarding to unstable site work or quality of services provided. The services provided hereunder are provided “as is”, as available, and without warranties or conditions.
3. Claims and warranties regarding selling or purchasing throw the site goods and/or services, their service ability for specific targets or absent of the third parties violation rights.
4. Claims regarding other Users and any kinds of their actions. 

Some materials/goods are prohibited for publication, developing and selling through the Freelancerbay Site. The following  diy materials which:
    ●  violate the Local Laws and/or the Standards of International Law;
    ●  contain any kinds of hack software, such like trojans, viruses, means or facilities of spam; 
        commercial software serial numbers and soft for their generation and also links to such products; 
    ●  contain pornography, and intimate women and service advertising;
    ●  use abusive language regarding somebody or something and promote sparking any kind of
        conflict theory;  
    ● develope nazism, hatred, discrimination towards national, religion and other social groups; 
    ● regard private property concern such like covered by trademark patent, copyrights, registered trade mark, author
       rights etc.

    ● violate normal work of Freelancerbay Site.

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