Customers’ advanced advertising facilities. Free Private Office is available for each job provider, post outsource projects totally free! Find Freelancers – get your job done easy. Job providers’ benefits:

  1. Free of charge advertising, post projects free! Job providers have a good chance to make advertising even without registration procedure. They have opportunity issue Featured Projects to attract more creative pro for having your job done perfectly.
  2. Free Private Office with various options for each job provider is available. Private Office allows Customers Messages Exchange, including option for storing and sending files and within the Freelancerbay site. Favorites List.
  3. Customers rating based on calculation of all paid projects and total paid amount to professionals for job carried out. Indication of Customers rating development gives a beneficial effect to freelancers trust. Customers’ Top at the home page. The presence on the site the exclusive Customers Scale of bonuses.
  4. Direct Re-mailer, message notification and RSS.
  5. Freelancers advanced search, resume search. Find a freelancer easily! Search by job categories; professional level and others items. Find help for different jobs: vector graphic, content manager, web page designer, optimization seo, technical translation, web translator, copywriters easy.
  6. Freelancerbay Trust Service. In order to reduce your risks while dealing online Freelancerbay introduces the new Trust Service, that lets Customers create trust deposits.
    Fund payed at trust creation time act as the security of success, while carrying the deal out, since the only way for them to be recalled is complete fulfillment of the participants’ engagements.
  7. The most reliable online payment systems like E-Gold, Web Money and others. Additional information regarding online convenient Money Exchangers which allow Customers to make their payment in any kind of currency.
  8. Bilingual site performance, which includes English and Russian languages, attracts Job providers and Freelancers from many countries. It’s strongly recommended to read part of FAQ, regarding the bilingual site performance.
  9. Blogs. Place of personal and professional contacts between Freelancers and Job providers. Experience, new ideas and news exchange.
  10. Additional service:
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