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Author: Viktoriya Kuznecova / BusinessCoupon /
Categories: Project Management, Project Management, Product / Brand Management, Business Consulting

Budget: $0.00

Сфера деятельности: Продажи
График работы: Полный день
Требуемый опыт работы: Более 3 лет

Профессиональные требования:

- коммуникабельность

- гибкость

- умение договариваться с людьми

- умение убеждать

- уверенность в себе

- базовые навыки работы на ПК и в Интернете

- желательно наличие домашнего телефона и готовность его использовать в рабочих целях

- обязательно наличие Skype или возможность и желание его установить


- холодные звонки

- выезд н... More

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Publication date: 04/20/2014 06:10am
Time left: 4 days 12 hours

Web-programming on XAF platform

Author: Aleksandr Ivanov / Alex2014 /
Categories: Web Programming

Budget: $0.00

The enterprise wants to hire developers for execution of separate modules/jobs in according with customer's requirements (programming platform - eXpressApp Framework (XAF) - DevExpress company)

Skill requirements:

1.knowledge of the following programs: C#,, WinForms, DevExpress (including - XAF);
2. knowledge of MS SQL is encouraged.

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Publication date: 04/11/2014 09:09am
Time left: 21 day 2 hours

Writing articles for the punctual a

Author: Natalya Belousova / Natali2015 /
Categories: News/Surveys/Articles

Budget: $0.00

Looking for responsible and punctual writers to write articles that will be constantly in touch.
TK on different subjects.
Payment is small, but the work is ongoing and in large quantities!
20 rubles. 1000 characters.

Mandatory requirements:
Do not respond to that are not going to write for this payment.
Do not respond to that are going to just try out this work.

Our team requires responsibility, handing over the job in time, the authors!
The author should write at least 5-10 thous... More

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Publication date: 04/09/2014 09:13am
Time left: 22 days 15 hours


Author: Ксения Ноотроника / RESTOPUB /
Categories: Web-Design / Redesign, HTML Page Makeup, Web-Site Development (Turnkey)

Budget: $0.00

-нужен сайт для ресторана, шаблон html, с обычными закладочками, фотографии, меню;
-фома сайта должна передавать стилистические решения интерьера - серый фон, яркие акценты, нужно передать атмосферу заведения;
-как идея можно посмотреть сайт радио-ирландия, сайт заведения может быть оформлен как музей пива, или как что-то тематическое на тему гастрономического паба с большим ассортиментом пива.
-наличие опыта работы с ресторанами;
-креативный и не избитый подход к выбору стилис... More

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Publication date: 04/04/2014 01:16pm
Project closed

Corporate style development

Author: Maxim Al-Khalili / lethalmax /
Categories: Web-Design / Redesign, Web-Interface, Logo Design & Co.Identity, Polygraphy, Corporate Identity, Program Interface Design

Budget: $0.00

required a graphic designer for developing corporate style for a company specialized in architectural environment design (interiors, exteriors, landscape, lighting, etc.)
Require for the first phase:
1. logo design and style
2. cards
3. letterhead
4. envelope
5. company profile
6. portfolio
7. brochure
8. website interface based on style
Project price negotiable
kindly send your portfolio and design samples to my email: thecubecouae@gmail.com

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Publication date: 03/28/2014 11:27am
Time left: 17 hours 53 minutes


Author: Igor Tropinin / vindetta777 /
Categories: Ecommerce Website

Budget: $50.00

Ребята очень срочно нужно успеть за 2 часа максимум за 3 доделать корзину тоесть суть такая нужно изменить логику оплаты на сайте тоесть клиент добавляет в корзину товар который есть на складе данный вид товара которые есть на складе должны оплачиваться только по предоплате и во вторых там ище есть товары которые из США с доставкой 3 недели данные товары должны оплачиваться через робокассу и по банковской карте кто возьмется ребята работа срочная нужно успеть максимум за 3 часа если кто справи... More

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Publication date: 03/11/2014 03:42pm
Project closed

UX-specialist needed

Author: anna.ovchinnikova@intellecteu.
E-mail: anna.ovchinnikova@intellecteu.com
Categories: Other Programming

Budget: $0.00

Hello, we are looking for a qualified specialist with knowledge of Vaadin/GWT to assist us with: - review and analysis of the application usability - design formalization. We need to receive short-term consulting services, appr. 1 manday, 3-4 hours per day. Preferrably in Kyiv, otherwise on Webex. Please contact me atvchinnikova@intellecteu.com.

Publication date: 03/07/2014 05:57pm
Project closed

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer

Author: job_kzn@provectus-it.com
E-mail: job_kzn@provectus-it.com
Categories: System Programming

Budget: $0.00

Provectus IT, Inc is the US Corporation specializing in the delivery of full-service accelerated software product innovation. Our team boasts truly remarkable people with exceptional talent in a given specialty. People come to us because we offer family-like environment, everyone is someone. We are looking for a Ruby-on-Rails Developer for our project in Kazan. If you want to work in an Agile, collaborative environment and you are passionate about using technology to build an outstanding cus... More

Publication date: 01/04/2014 06:00pm
Project closed

3D modeling-animation-web page on f

Author: Andrew Crower / digitalcoins /
Categories: 3D Animation, Flash

Budget: $200.00

- It is needed to depict object in 3D (2D picture is provided, approx hexagonal object)
- Animation is required (rotation of the object)
- Add rotating animated object on web paje

Offers (4)

Publication date: 01/03/2014 09:51pm
Project closed

Requires mailers!

Author: Глеб Катанов / glebkatanov /
Categories: SEO & SEM, Statistical Research, System Administration

Budget: $1300.00

Employ postoyanku or piecework requires a person who would be able to do a mass mailing to the target database.

Problem: Making newsletter, ie for example there's an acceptor, it has a balance of traffic, the traffic should be sending respectively you must do it, ie to do so as a result of people crossing distribution at this site and bought somethinghe amount is indicated on probation.

Please write to the PM or mail.

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Publication date: 11/27/2013 07:42pm
Project closed


Author: vanya ivanov / bern462 /
Categories: Web-Design / Redesign, Web-Site Development (Turnkey), SEO & SEM, Website QA

Budget: $1000.00

Необходимо сделать вот такой лендинг:

а также составить рекламные кампании в яндексе и гугле. и делать а/б тесты

Offers (6)

Publication date: 11/16/2013 12:03pm
Project closed

Sign Up at this Site

Author: George Shaw / avalonwiley /
Categories: SEO & SEM

Budget: $3.00

Sign up at this site and PM me with proof once you are done.


replace vv and 3

I'm paying 3.00 usd via paypal per successful signup.

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Publication date: 11/03/2013 04:41pm
Project closed

iOS Software Engineer

Author: oksana.tsybenko@websitedesignz
E-mail: oksana.tsybenko@websitedesignz.com
Categories: PDA/Handheld Programming

Budget: $0.00

Fast growing company based in US looking to hire young talented iOS developers to work in a team from the comfort of your own home. If you are ready to accept the challenges, gain experience and be successful with us – welcome aboard. The iOS developer position with us will require: Education • Master degree in Computer Science or similar Experience • C/C++ development (for 3-4 years); • iOS SDK (for 1,5-2 years); • Team work; • Mac OS X development experience is a plus. • Cocos 2D, 2D... More

Publication date: 10/30/2013 04:44pm
Project closed

Android Software Engineer

Author: oksana.tsybenko@websitedesignz
E-mail: oksana.tsybenko@websitedesignz.com
Categories: PDA/Handheld Programming

Budget: $0.00

Fast growing company based in US looking to hire young talented Android developers to work in a team from the comfort of your own home. If you are ready to accept the challenges, gain experience and be successful with us – welcome aboard. The Android developer position with us will require: Experience • 3+ years of working experience using Java or other OOP languages • 1.5+ years of Android experience • Experience working with Multimedia, Location, Maps and Telephony • Experience workin... More

Publication date: 10/30/2013 04:43pm
Project closed

PHP Programmer with CodeIgniter experience

Author: oksana.tsybenko@websitedesignz
E-mail: oksana.tsybenko@websitedesignz.com
Categories: Web Programming

Budget: $0.00

Fast growing company based in US looking to hire young talented PHP developers to work in a team from the comfort of your own home. If you are ready to accept the challenges, gain experience and be successful with us – welcome aboard. The PHP developer position with us will require: Education • Master degree in Computer Science or similar Experience • DHTML, CSS, XML • JavaScript, AJAX (jQuery, Dojo or Yahoo UI) • 2+ years experience in PHP Web applications development • MySQL Skills &... More

Publication date: 10/30/2013 04:42pm
Project closed

Modernization Coppermine Photo Gall

Author: Ivan Ivanov / Ivanofff /
Categories: Web Programming

Budget: $1.00

Must molernizirovat script Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Offers (2)

Publication date: 10/02/2013 12:50pm
Project closed

Corporate website development

Author: Yana Mikhaylovskaya / Myana /
Categories: Web-Site Development (Turnkey)

Budget: $1000.00

We need to develop a standart corporate website. Requirements: free CMS (except Joomla), template design, Responsive Design, tags due to standarts, flash elements have to be replaced in Safari to keep the website working. Important: 30 day term.

Offers (17)

Publication date: 09/25/2013 07:31am
Project closed


Author: Sergey Kozlov / sergk85 /
Categories: Web-Site Development (Turnkey)

Budget: $0.00

Техническое задание на разработку сайта

ЦЕЛЬ • Информационный и имиджевый сайт - основными целями сайта является:
• Привлечение большого количества потенциальных клиентов
• Продвижение продукта. Повышение уровня понимания и осознания у потенциальных клиентов тех продуктов и услуг, которые создает компания
• Продвижение существующего бренда компании и увеличение лояльности к нему
• Платформа для функционирования CRM системы и обмена информацией между сотрудниками организации, входящими... More

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Publication date: 08/29/2013 04:34am
Project closed

Design DLE&Joomla

Author: Vlada Volokina / Yujiana /
Categories: Web-Design / Redesign, HTML Page Makeup, Web-Site Development (Turnkey), Web Programming, Technical Design, CMS, SEO & SEM, Project Management, Web-Interface, Wap-Sites

Budget: $150.00

It is required to draw design for DLE and Joomla cursors.
Payment: WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI
Advance payment: 50% (if your profile good)
Details of stylistics, fonts and all requirements are described in T3
Who is ready to undertake the project I ask to knock on ICQ: 665-051-501
Yours faithfully.

Offers (2)

Publication date: 08/17/2013 04:46am
Project closed

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